Carpet Cleaning

PureChem Carpet Cleaning and CPR® Treatment

At PureChem Carpet Care®, we want to change the way people think about carpet cleaning forever. Because we know that any professional carpet cleaner can clean your carpets. But, most use 100’s of gallons of water and harmful chemicals to do so. We don’t and we want to help you keep them looking good for many years to come. We do that by Starting with PureChem’s “Proprietary PureSolution®”, that is revolutionizing the carpet cleaning industry. We named it PureSolution®, because it is Eco Friendly and has “No Petroleum Chemicals” in it, that would leave harmful residue behind. These harmful residues also attract dirt so your carpets soil prematurely!

With PureChem Carpet Care® you can be confident that you are having your carpets cleaned with the Purest and Safest Cleaning Solutions! So, call today and get a free quote.

PureChem's CPR® Service

As part of our carpet cleaning service, we provide our industry advanced PureChem CPR® Service. Our PureChem CPR® Service includes an application of PureChem’s proprietary carpet protector and residue remover (“PureChem CPR®”) application by one of our experienced technicians. Our proprietary carpet protector and residue remover first removes all residue in your carpet, including deep hidden residue that accumulates over time. Our carpet protector and residue remover then coats every carpet fiber with our proprietary protectant against future residue build-up. Existing residue is removed and future residue build-up is prevented. This ensures your carpets will last longer, maintain its beauty, and will be easier to clean. The PureChem CPR® service is bundled with our complete carpet cleaning service. Ask us about the PureChem CPR® Service.